A key factor to sustaining competitive advantage is to get the right insights to make smarter decisions.

Data is information. Algorithmification and datafication are bringing about a permanent change in the way that companies drive their business. That is what we call the data-driven age. It allows us to generate the maximum benefit from data by using Data science and Data strategy. The point is to link the data to action. We can adapt our methodologies to your needs. And that helps us to deliver insights.

The current economic environment is characterized by an intensified competition and the increasing importance of digital technology. This environment leads companies to be more and more reactive and to make important decisions more quickly. They need a deeper understanding of consumers to make better decisions. The better this understanding, the more they will identify the insights that will make the difference. That is is our expertise.

Our experience in the research market and our knowledge of Brazil allow us to assist our clients according to their specific needs. We can deepen specific points with specialists such as semiologists and anthropologists.

We can guide them to the right services to help them: experts, business development consultants, etc.

We advise and support you to get the best out of your research projects.



BRASIL RESEARCH provides “à la pointe” researches and consulting solutions for you to make smarter decisions. These services aim to answer the customers’ questions. We provide the knowledge, the understanding, and the means to identify the best insights.

A key factor to stand out above competitors is to get the right insights to make smarter decisions.

It provides information to identify and analyze needs and competition. Most of the companies want to be data-driven, but few are successful in connecting analytics to action. Actionable insights appear to be the missing link for companies that want to drive business from their data.  Analytics solutions usually offer only more data or information – not insights.

Data, information, and insights are different concepts. 


« Just because you call it insight, it doesn’t make it one…This is… An astonishing disclosure about real people, the brands they use, or the world they live in… Insights get shit done. »

Richard Huntington – Chairman at Saatchi & Saatchi


There is a level of quality in insights. First of all, it must be actionable, i.e., usable « immediately » by the client. The goal is to successfully identify insights with the most potential, the « powerful insights. »

BRASIL RESEARCH brings actionable insights to companies that want to drive business from their data and knowledge, the missing link between Data and Business value. That research sometimes leads to the identification of game-changing insights. 

To do that, we focus on the human element, the analytical capacity of our experts, the reflection to unlock the insights.



That’s what makes the difference. 

Artificial intelligence is an innovation created by human intelligence. It is designed to perform specific tasks much faster and with less effort. The general function of artificial intelligence is optimization, while that of human intelligence is innovation.

For simple and well-defined tasks, the computer’s performance surpasses that of the human brain. The computer is useful for repetitive tasks, statistical calculations… However, human beings are adapted to reflection, analysis… They use their experience, their accumulated learning, and their autonomy. 

BRASIL RESEARCH is a human behavior firm. We turn information into insights. We deeply understand what drives human beings. And we help businesses turn those drivers into actions that build brands, enhance customer experiences, and inspire product innovation.

Generally, this goes through the Facts plus Observation. Combining facts with observations is one of the most effective ways to reach insights.

Facts generally come from quantitative research. It’s a skill that requires creativity, persistence, and deep thinking to craft. The ever-increasing explosion of data puts more knowledge at our fingertips than ever before, but you need to know what to do with it. Data by itself is not an insight. Observation plays a crucial role in it, but it is not enough. In-depth analyses are also required.

The most powerful insights come from a rigorous and thoughtful analysis that translates large amounts of data into concise and compelling findings.


As catalysts for progress, we are deep-seated within industries at the edge of transformation. During these critical periods, and all of the ones in between, brands trust us to help them translate human behavior into ideas that make the world work better for people.

 We are constantly searching for new ways to apply insights in meaningful ways. That allows us to answer tough questions, solve problems faster, and be creative in our storytelling.