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Our vocation is to offer adequate solutions for studies and field services in Brazil, focusing on the specific needs of our clients. Our commitment is to propose competitive and attractive services with the best customer service.

We make available a wide range of traditional and innovative means and methods. In addition, we customize the methodologies to effectively meet the study objectives, identifying valuable responses and insights. In addition, we offer the flexibility to use your own tools for specific research, such as Eye tracking, Kano techniques, and Clinical trials.



Aristotle (384 – 322 BC)

Client Satisfaction is our main priority. We focus our attention on the quality of the service delivered and the relationship with our clients. All the members of our team are proactive.

The right advice leads to the right insights. We go out to find the best to deliver it. 



Founded by Michel Videira, an expert with over 25 years of experience in Market Research. BRASIL RESEARCH is a recognized company specialized in the Brazilian market.

From pencil-and-paper surveys to customized online surveys, we have conducted a lot of types of research. Our corporate team of Project Managers consists of former facility managers who have been through every aspect of the data collection process. Our technical department team uses their experience combined with the latest technology in data collection and data processing to assure the success of your project.

We enjoy doing our work and presenting it to our clients. BRASIL RESEARCH will be honored to meet your expectations in terms of market research and to assist you throughout your development in Brazil.

Michel Videira

  • President
  • Master in Marketing and Advertising –  ESG / Paris Business School 
  • Master in Operational Marketing – ESIG / Swansea Institute Wales
  • Specialist of Market Research and Brazil for 20 years 

Our key people

Denise – Our Top manager in São Paulo

More than 12 years of experience in Market Research

Master in Marketing – Anhembi Morumbi University – São Paulo

Graduated in UX Research – Udemy Academy – São Paulo


Our key people

Pia – Our Main qualitative moderator in São Paulo

More than 25 years of experience in Market Research

Master in Public Administration – Getúlio Vargas Foundation – FGV / SP

Graduated in Law and History – Pontifical Catholic University – PUC / SP



Our teams are based mainly in the center of SÃO PAULO city, and we are structured to carry out researches in the major cities of Brazil.

São Paulo is the economic pole of the country, with 25% of the GDP and 20 million inhabitants. We are at the center of the country’s economic heart and its trade orientations.

The specifics and peculiarities of each project take us to the four corners of the country. Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, and Recife are the cities where we go the most frequently.

Online study methodologies coupled with other tools allow us immediate access to the four corners of the country.


We usually work in the rooms of our primary partner in São Paulo, SALA DE PESQUISA.

Their cutting-edge equipment is among the best in the country.

Rua Groenlândia, 961 – Jardim Europa – São Paulo – BRASIL

  • Spacious and ultramodern premises 
  • Seven focus group rooms fully equipped
  • High-Quality recordings
  • Webstreaming / Focus Vision Premier
  • Simultaneous translation
  • Optic Fiber and secure internet connection








That is a dedicated space for studies. Its manager, Sandra, is well aware of the needs and expectations in this area. She and her team, including highly qualified technicians, are always very attentive.

The cuisine is a treat prepared on site by a chef and his team. Reception rooms are independent. That allows us enough to work in ideal conditions.

For each project, we adapt our logistics to the methodology, whether in São Paulo or other cities in Brazil.


Our vocation

We attend the major events of the leading Market Research associations to support our clients in their needs as closely as possible. We explain the particularities of the Brazilian market.

We follow the ICC/ESOMAR code and other major quality standards of the research industry.

The ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data Analytics was developed jointly with the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) to set global standards for self-regulation for researchers and data analysts and has been signed by all ESOMAR members.

Data entrusted by our clients is highly confidential. By our ethics and processes, we implement protections to prevent their diffusion. We also take special care to respect personal data and LGPD/RGPD/GDPR STANDARDS


Olfactory perception of new fragrances

  • Chosen methodology: Street Intercep
  • Objectives: To determine the sensory perception and performance of new fragrances for the hygiene and beauty sector. 

Fragrance evaluation with
home placement

  • Chosen methodology: Street Intercept with home placement
  • Objectives: To determine the olfactory performance and appreciation of new fragrances over time.

Home organoleptic test of dairy dessert

  • Chosen methodology: Online Bulletin Board with home delivery of fresh products for testing.
  • Objectives: Testing product concepts in various consumer situations.

Perception of ingredients in hygiene products 

  • Chosen methodology: Shop Alongs and Focus Groups
  • Objectives: To assess the adequacy of the perception of the ingredients and claims identified. 

Study on the cleanliness and cleaning of the home

  • Chosen methodology: In-home interviews and Focus Groups
  • Objectives: Understand the cleaning habits of Brazilian consumers to evaluate the potential of a new household appliance. 

Ideation of new concepts in pain relief

  • Chosen methodology: Focus Groups
  • Objectives: Identifying territories for new pain relief solutions

Gang Research for new TV designs

  • Methodology chosen: Gang Research with groups of 30 participants
  • Objectives: To evaluate new color and design concepts for a new range of High-Tech TVs. 

Study on the beauty habits of teens

  • Chosen methodology: Ethnographic interviews
  •  Objectives: To understand the perception of beauty by young girls aged 13-14


Study on pain management

  • Chosen methodology: In-Home interviews
  • Objectives: Understand the causes and consequences of pain in daily life to get insights into a new range of drugs.

Evaluation of a new shampoo concept

  • Chosen methodology: Home placement with in-depth interviews
  • Objectives: To analyze the sensory experience in use and the degree of adherence to the concept

Study of the online purchasing process

  • Chosen methodology: Ethnographic interviews
  • Objectives: To understand the purchasing process, the steps, and the triggers for buying a trip online.