BRASIL RESEARCH is a "FULL-SERVICE" market research company.

Our vocation is to offer the most appropriate solutions for studies and field services in Brazil, focusing our attention on the specific needs of our clients.
Our commitment is to propose competitive and attractive services. We place at your disposal a broad range of traditional and innovative means and methods. We can also customize the methodology in order to effectively meet the objectives of the study, identify answers and valuable "Insights". We Fuel Insights.

Founded by Michel Videira, expert with over 25 years of experience and recognized specialist of Brazil, BRASIL RESEARCH will be honoured to meet your expectations in terms of market research and to assist you throughout your development in Brazil.

“Quality is not an act, is a habit" – Aristotle (384 – 322 BC)


Michel Videira - President at Brasil Research





All members of the BRASIL RESEARCH team are experienced professionals recognized by their passion for market research.

Our moderators, project managers, translators and statisticians, all have in common a smile and fun to complete their study projects.


The trust and confidence of our clients are our priorities. That's why we ensure continuous feedback during all the fieldwork.La relation et la confiance de nos clients sont au coeur de nos priorités. C’est pour cela que les échanges avec le client sont constants tout au long du terrain.

In addition to complying with internationals standards Esomar, BRASIL RESEARCH applies specific protocols and strict Quality control.









Our teams are based mainly in Paris and São Paulo. We are structured to carry out research in the major cities of Brazil:

• São Paulo
• Rio de Janeiro
• Belém
• Belo Horizonte
• Brasilia
• Campinas
• Curitiba
• Fortaleza
• Goiania
• Manaus
• Natal
• Porto Alegre
• Recife
• Salvador





BRASIL RESEARCH proposes study solutions adjusted to the specifications of each issue :
- Focus Groups Discussion / Mini-groups
- Individual and in-depth interviews / Ethnographic interviews
- Expert interviews

These studies could be conducted :
- In viewing facilities
- At Home
- At a store or Point Of Sale
- Via telephone
- Online
- At the office of the interviewees

Example of facility for qualitative research

Here are some examples of qualitative studies we carry out:
- Attitude, awareness, Usage & Behaviour / Prospective and creative studies
- Concept Use Test / Blind Use Test / Sniff test / Home Use Test
- Brand equity / Image studies
- Customer satisfaction studies / Advertising Test / Packaging Test
- Mix optimization surveys / Language interpretation Evaluation
- Website evaluation
- Shopper insights
- Interviews with experts : GPs, specialists, BtoB…

Illustrations of In-Home Interviews and product placement


Our study reports are accurate and drawn up from the full transcripts of respondents. The analysis are intended to be directly actionable..

The reports are illustrated with photos, videos and have strategic recommendations in a clear and operational form.



Regarding quantitative studies, BRASIL RESEARCH proposes a large field of experiences ranging from the simplest methods to those more complex and innovative.

Usually, quantitative studies are performed in the following manner:
- In viewing facilities / At home
- In the street / At the point of sale
- In a reconstructed store-display

The information gathering can be performed in:
- PAPI / CAPI / CATI / CAWI / Mystery shopping / Online...

Other examples of quantitative studies that we conduct:
- Attitude, awareness, Usage & Behaviour / Purchasing behaviour survey
- Concept Use Test / Blind Use Test /
- Sniff test / Home Use Test
- Product Concept Test / Positioning Survey / Price Acceptance Survey
- Customer satisfaction Survey / Communication pre-test and post-test
- Notoriety evaluation, Image assessment
- Shopper Study / Product Facing Test / Customer Satisfaction Barometer


Illustrations of quantitatives studies


The study reports present the results in a comprehensive and attractive form (graphics, visual cards, pictures, video extracts...). Transcripts of the open questions are subject to a thorough and specific analysis.

The results are studied in depth and are subject to additional data processing such as:
- Factorial Correspondence Analysis
- Studies of typologies, segmentations
- Monitoring panels

We also conduct innovative techniques, such as:
- Eye Tracking,
- Video Analysis In Situ
- Kano Techniques...

The satisfaction of our clients is our greatest pride :

"Dear Michel, Thank you for organizing this beautiful research. I thank you for your kindness, availability and quality of recruitment and moderation. The report was wonderful".
Nicolas R. - Brain Value

"L'Oréal has congratulated us for the quality of recruitment. Bravo !"
Francesca R. - ABC+
"Thank you for the effort and this comprehensive and exhaustive report. Thank you for the quality of recruitment, translations and speed to meet deadlines (+ your various inputs and cultural insights). Thank you, Maria, for the high quality of moderation (and photos :-)). It was a great job! Bravo! I hope we can work soon in another study in Brazil."
Aurélie P.– Sky Consulting 
"I am infinitely grateful for your professionalism and responsiveness in this project".
Coralie J. - LLH
"Thanks for everything and the report, everything was very clear. The situation in Brazil is much less critical than in France, and your report has enabled us to see everything in subtle distinction".
Julien D. - Happy Thinking People
"It was a great pleasure to work with you and Maria"
Marie-Estelle D. – Milgrom Market Research
"Everything is clear, thank you very much"
Véronique R. - Yara

"First of all, thank you very much for this wonderful fieldwork in São Paulo : everything was very well organized and moderated. I'm sure that we'll have a lot of interesting inputs from Brazil. I also thank Denise and your recruitment team, they have ensured the presence and the punctuality of all the participants. I returned from leave this morning ans could read the report attentively : thank you very much for this very clear and very complete rendering !"

Julie D. - Repères





We perform our studies, in both BtoB and BtoC. We have experience and skills in many areas within different areas of activity:
- Pharmaceutical / Medical / Cosmetics / Hygiene
- Fashion /Clothes
- Agriculture / Food / Beverages
- IT / telecommunications /electronics
- Retail trade /restaurants
- Insurance / Financial Services
- Travel / Leisure / Medias /Entertainment
- Energy / Oil /Gas / Chemistry
- Automotive

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